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Transportation and Transit Committee, Jun. 26, 2019

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The June 26, 2019, Transportation and Transit Committee meeting included: 

Route Ahead Update

Committee received a report providing an update on the status of implementation of RouteAhead, a 30-year strategic plan for public transit in Calgary. The 2019 review shows strong progress on overall transit network infrastructure development and improvements to customer-focus and efficiency of service delivery. The report recommended the criteria to be used and list of major growth projects for prioritizing the future stages of development of the rapid transit network; and outlined significant funding risks for the sliding scale Low Income Transit Pass program, as well as a long-term sustainable funding model required in advance of 2020. Committee recommends that Council direct Administration to: (1) Use the framework and list of major transit growth projects for prioritizing the future stages of growth of the rapid transit network, and provide an update through the SPC on Transportation & Transit by Q4 2019; (2) Continue advocacy with the Government of Alberta on a long-term funding extension for the Low Income Transit Pass program; (3) Develop recommendations for a long-term sustainable funding model for the Low Income Transit Pass program, and report back through the SPC on Transportation & Transit by Q3 2019. 

Green Line Q2 2019 Update

Administration presented a report updating Committee on the status of the Green Line LRT project for the period of 2019 Q2. The key focus areas highlighted included a technical update on the single bore tunnel design development plan and a commercial focus area update on budget, schedule and contract strategy. Given Calgary’s current economic situation and based on market feedback, Administration continues to evaluate the projects readiness for procurement, the acceptable risk tolerance and the need to responsibly manage the projects delivery in order to deliver Stage 1 within budget and on schedule. The Q2 quarterly report addresses how Administration has been responding to the identified project risks with the objective of delivering the highest value for Calgarians that meets the commitment of the projects vision. This will go forward to Council with recommendations that Council Direct Administration to (1) Present a written response to the topics discussed in committee; and (2) return with a status report no later than Q3 2019. 

Calgary Transit At-Grade LRT Crossing Safety

Committee received a report providing a review of the safety guidelines and protection measures of Calgary Transit at-grade Light Rail Transit (LRT) crossings in response to Notice of Motion C2018-1288. Calgary’s LRT system is safe and the design guidelines for at-grade crossings are based on applicable industry standards and best practices for safety. In addition to the design requirements, Calgary Transit follows the 5E’s of transportation safety to minimize the risks to pedestrians at at-grade crossings - Engineering, Evaluation, Engagement, Education and Enforcement. Each safety measure is discussed in detail in this report. This will go forward to Council with the recommendations to Direct Administration to: (1) Implement an updated public safety education campaign around at-grade LRT crossing safety; and (2) Return to the 2020 budget adjustments with a request for an annual dedicated capital funding stream for at-grade crossing safety improvement opportunities.

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