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Utilities and Corporate Services Committee Jun. 13, 2018

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The June 13, 2018, Utilities and Corporate Services Committee meeting included:

Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans

A report was presented to Committee on the Climate Resilience Strategy and Action Plans. The Strategy provides the overview and main direction for Climate Resiliency in Calgary. It defines The City’s role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. It will also set policy to guide climate resilience plans to achieve immediate to long-term resilience objectives.

This will go forward to Council with the Committee's recommendation that Council:

  1. Approve the Climate Resilience Strategy, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Action Plans.
  2. Direct Administration to work with industry and community representatives to establish a Climate Resilience Working Group to provide input into the prioritization and continued development of climate resilience actions.
  3. Developing the implementation plans with timelines and outcome measures, direct Administration to incorporate best practices from the other 100 Resilient Cities.

Energy Reporting for Commercial Buildings

The Committee received a report for information on Energy Reporting for Commercial Buildings. The report provided an overview of options explored to implement energy reporting in commercial buildings. The recommended option is a three-year pilot, with no financial incentives provided, and with voluntary participation. Commercial buildings spend approximately $420 Million per year on energy, and contributed 39 per cent of Calgary’s community-wide greenhouse gas emissions in 2017. Cataloguing of information, and benchmarking of building performance for comparison, has been shown to motivate building owners to pursue energy efficiency upgrades. The Committee recommends that Council receive this report for information.

Pay-as-you-throw Program for Residential Black Cart Collection

Committee received a report on the Pay-as-you-throw Program for Residential Black Cart Collection. The rollout of the Green Cart residential composting program in 2017 provided Calgarians with a full suite of residential diversion programs, enabling Calgarians to minimize the amount of garbage they put-out in their black carts. A pay-as-you-throw program will allow residents to right-size their black cart and therefore be financially accountable for the garbage they produce. Committee recommends that Council direct Administration to develop a detailed implementation plan for a pay-as-you-throw program that includes three black cart sizes and a tag-a-bag program and report back no later than Q2 2019.

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