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Utilities and Corporate Services Committee Jul. 20, 2018

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The July 20, 2018, Utilities and Corporate Services Committee meeting included:

Water, wastewater, and stormwater lines of service cost of service study

As part of preparing the 2019-2022 service plans and budgets, the Water Utility has undertaken a Cost of Service Study (COSS) for its three lines of service: Water Treatment and Supply (Water), Wastewater Collection and Treatment (Wastewater) and Stormwater Management (Stormwater). The COSS methodology and process is a journey towards fair and equitable rates among customers. Council approved the following recommendations, after amendment:

  1. Direct Administration to develop water, wastewater and stormwater rates for 2019-2022 for each inside city customer class, and for outside city customers following the strategies articulated in the submitted report, except for rates for multi-family residential, which will recover 100% of the cost of service and the rate for residential metered which will be adjusted downward to reflect the increased multi-family residential rate by 2019. All rates will be reported back to Council as part of the Once Calgary in November 2018.
  2. Direct Administration to prepare related Bylaw amendments and report back to Council in 2018 November.
  3. Direct Administration to develop an implementation plan for a variable stormwater rate structure and report back to Council by Q4 2020 for potential implementation for the 2023 to 2026 business cycle.
  4. Direct Administration to report back on rates and limits for Wastewater extra strength surcharge parameters no later than 2020 November.
  5. Direct Administration to develop water, wastewater and stormwater rates for 2023-2026 that recover 100% of the cost of service for each customer class.

Integrated civic facility planning program update & policy

The Integrated Civic Facility Planning (ICFP) program addresses Council and Administrative direction to coordinate The City’s facility planning and delivery functions, optimize The City’s facility portfolio, and focus on the value that investment in facilities can provide to citizens. A comprehensive framework and associated policy have been developed that will enable Administration to realize economies of scale, consider multi-use facility opportunities, improve services to citizens, work with other levels of government, and position the organization to be a suitable partner for the private sector. This framework and policy will replace the existing Corporate Workplace Framework Policy that was approved in 2003. The committee recommended that Council:

  1. Approve the Corporate Facility Planning & Delivery Policy;
  2. Receive for information and adopt in principle the Corporate Facility Planning & Delivery Framework;
  3. Rescind the Corporate Workplace Framework Policy;
  4. Direct Administration to report back through the SPC on Utilities and Corporate Services with an update on the implementation plan status as needed

All recommendations were approved by Council.

Proposed framework – transacting with non-profit organizations below market value

In response to Section 2 of Notice of Motion C2018-0509, where Council directed Administration to develop a framework for the disposition of land at less than market value to non-profit organizations, it is proposed that, in circumstances where direction from Council is received to explore opportunities to dispose of real property to non-profit organizations, Administration will present a Non-Profit Method of Disposition Report to Council for consideration. Administration has developed a framework with the understanding that Administration can provide information but should not be the authority to decide whether the disposition of land should be transacted below market value; this decision should reside with Council. The Committee recommended that:

  1. Council approve the proposed Framework as detailed within the submitted report.

This recommendation was approved by Council.

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