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Utilities and Corporate Services Committee Dec. 12, 2018

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The Dec 12, 2018, Utilities and Corporate Services Committee meeting included:

Appeal Mechanism – Water Utility Billing

Committee heard recommendations from Administration for appeal processes for customers who have experienced abnormally high water consumption and who are not satisfied with bill adjustment decisions from Administration. A preliminary review of potential options for customer appeals and governance included monitoring the new (October 2017) customer escalation process; using an existing board such as the Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board; or establishing a new Council committee or appeal body. This item will go forward to Council with the recommendations that Council direct Administration to: Continue to use the appeal mechanism of escalation to the Director, Water Resources for customers with abnormally high water consumption, who are not satisfied with the initial bill adjustment decision.

Deferral Report: Response to Notice of Motion on Green Roofs

Administration presented a report to Committee requesting a deferral to provide additional time to collect the results of a multi-year green roof pilot project located on the 5th floor of the Municipal Building. This includes assessing the impacts of the project on storm water management, energy efficiency, local air quality, and biodiversity. This relates to a motion on 2017 September 11 to explore retrofitting all appropriate municipally owned buildings with Green Roof Systems and develop a policy to incorporate into the design of new City of Calgary Buildings if the roof angle allows. This will go forward to Council with Administration’s recommendation that Council defer the response to NM2017-36 outlining a business case and a potential strategy on green roofs and actions to move forward to no later than 2019 February.

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