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Utilities and Corporate Services Committee May 15, 2019

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The May 15, 2019, Utilities and Corporate Services Committee meeting included:

Scoping Report on Reducing Waste from Single-Use Items

Committee received a report and presentation responding to Council direction from May 28, 2018 to prepare a scoping report investigating options for reducing waste associated with single-use items (convenience items typically used once before being discarded as waste), and explore any potential unintended consequences of acting to reduce single-use items. As directed, this report also includes the costs of developing a strategy for addressing single-use items, including engaging citizens, businesses and institutions. This will go forward to Council with the committee’s recommendation that Council direct Administration to develop a single-use items reduction strategy and implementation plan to return to Committee with a strategy no later than Q3 2020.

Landfill Disposal Discount

Committee received a report from Administration that considered the value of providing a discounted rate to Waste Management Facility landfill account customers and proposing a recommendation. Waste & Recycling Services has been approached by commercial haulers to consider a discounted Basic Sanitary Waste rate for garbage disposed at The City of Calgary’s landfills. Committee made several amendments to Administrations recommendations. The approved detailed amendments can be found in the official meeting minutes.

2018 Integrated Watershed Management Update

Committee received a presentation for information summarizing the integrated watershed management actions taken in 2018 and highlighting actions underway and planned for 2019. Working with the Province and regional partners, The City takes an integrated watershed management approach to protect our water supply, use water wisely, keep rivers healthy and build resiliency to flooding. The Water Utility delivers on this commitment through three lines of service: water treatment and supply, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management. A healthy, resilient watershed providing clean, reliable water is vital for current and future generations in the Calgary region.

2018 Flood Resiliency and Mitigation Annual Update

Committee received a presentation for information summarizing developments related to The City of Calgary’s Flood Mitigation program and provincial upstream mitigation in 2018. As of 2019 May, all the Expert Management Panel on Flood Mitigation recommendations are now either complete or underway. Work underway continues in alignment with other corporate initiatives, such as Resilient Calgary and the Climate Resilience Strategy. The City will also continue to increase its understanding of flood risk and identify opportunities improve resiliency in Calgary. The City is now focused on implementing the Council-approved flood resilience plan (PFC2017-0462), and will continue to report progress annually. This will go forward to Council.

Response to Notice of Motion on Green Roofs

Committee received a presentation on the response to NM2017-36 on Green Roofs. Vegetated green roofs can provide multiple benefits to people and the local environment while supporting climate resiliency. In the right location, green roofs help capture and filter storm water, support a more biodiverse urban environment, improve building energy performance, and provide places that positively contribute to the social wellbeing of building occupants.

Facility design, stormwater engineering, and facility operations teams at The City have spent multiple years investigating the costs and benefits of green roofs as one of many design tools to achieve the above noted benefits. The Sustainable Building Policy was recently revised to ensure that green roofs, along with a suite of other technologies and building techniques, will be considered by Project Sponsors, design teams and the Policy Steward. These measures will be evaluated for cost and technical effectiveness in addressing Council approved sustainability priorities. The assessment of various building design options, including green roofs, is completed during the early phases of project design, on a project-specific basis. This helps ensure that best-fit technologies are identified, are thoroughly evaluated, and viable, cost-effective options are implemented. This will go forward to Council for information. 

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