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Ward expenses

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City Council is the governing body of The City of Calgary and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative. The proper operation of democratic municipal government requires that elected officials be independent, impartial and duly responsible to the public.

Ethical Conduct Policy

The Ethical Conduct Policy (CP2017-03) establishes and promotes ethical conduct standards for Members of Council including their responsibility to the public to be accountable for the management of their annual ward office budgets, and transparent in reporting how their budgets are spent. In accordance with council direction, the Office of the Councillors posts Ward Expense Reports quarterly.

Ward expenses by year


2019 Ward 1 Expense Report

2019 Ward 2 Expense Report

2019 Ward 3 Expense Report

2019 Ward 4 Expense Report

2019 Ward 5 Expense Report

2019 Ward 6 Expense Report​

2019 Ward 7 Expense Report

2019 Ward 8 Expense Report​

2019 Ward 9 Expense Report​

2019 Ward 10 Expense Reports​

2019 Ward 11 Expense Reports

2019 Ward 12 Expense Reports

2019 Ward 13 Expense Reports

2019 Ward 14 Expense Reports


2018 Ward expense reports


2017 Ward expense reports

More Councillor accountability information

Disclosure statements

Gift disclosure

Visitor disclosure

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