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Happy New Year! I hope you spent yesterday celebrating with friends and family. I had an amazing time last night celebrating with thousands of our fellow Calgarians in the Municipal Building and Olympic Plaza.

As we look forward to this 2017, there is much on the horizon; it will be a busy year! But right now, I want to share with you my hope for our sesquicentennial—Canada's 150th birthday.

My hope is that every single Canadian give 3 gifts—three acts of service—to celebrate the sesquicentennial. We're calling it Three Things for Canada. Your "things" can be as simple as shovelling a neighbour's walk or as complex as joining the board of a nonprofit that is changing the world. Just do three acts of service for your neighbourhood, your nation, or your world.

And there's a not-so-secret fourth thing to do: tell everyone about what you're doing and get others to do the same. Let's make this viral! Share with your friends and family. Share on Twitter or Facebook using #3ThingsforCanada and tell your stories on

Just imagine if we all do three things this year? That’ll be over 100,000,000 acts of service! And our world will never be the same.

Once again, happy New Year! Let's make 2017 the best it can be!

- Mayor Naheed Nenshi​

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