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After a tough election campaign, one filled with bitterness and divisiveness, Calgarians did what we always do. We chose to move forward together. And today, I simply want to say thank you.

Thank you to all the candidates and every single volunteer and donor who put themselves on the line.

Thank you to all of you who spoke about your love and hope for this community, with your neighbours and coworkers, at the Thanksgiving table, on social media and in real life.

Thank you for voting, in larger numbers than ever before.

And thank you for supporting me. Seven years ago, I could not have dreamed about having such humbling support from people from all walks of life who share a dream of an even better Calgary, a place of dignity and opportunity for all. I am honoured to have your trust, and I guarantee that I will work hard every single day to keep that trust and make this great city even greater for every single citizen.

We’ve got a lot of work to do together over the next four years. We have to sustain the fragile economic recovery and heal our divisions. We have to ensure all our neighbourhoods are safe and strong. We have to make city hall even smarter, Our challenges are big, but our opportunities are much bigger.

With deep gratitude,


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