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​Prior to a discussion in City Council about the New Community Growth Strategy (held on June 28, 2018), Mayor Nenshi spoke about smart growth that preserves quality of life and lower taxes for Calgarians.

"This is by far the most important thing The City is working on right now. By far. Because it's about how we grow.

"This is important for two reasons.

"The first reason is strictly financial. Sprawl is expensive. Building density saves The City billions in infrastructure costs. Everything else we talk about--when we argue about a million dollars for this or public art, for example--it's not even peanuts, it's not even the shell of the peanuts, it's the dust of the peanut shell compared to the cost of growth in the community. So we gotta get this right to save future taxpayers from the burden of debt and the burden of higher taxes.

"The second reason why it's so important is because it's all about the quality of life... being thoughtful about the patterns of growth in the city really allows us to focus on areas where we can build out the infrastructure quickly... It means you get to live in a neighbourhood that (even if it's a new neighbourhood) you don't have to worry about fire and ambulance coverage. Where you have recreation facilities either under construction or planned in the near future. And where you and your family can have a good quality of life. And I think that's really critical."​

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