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The World Economic Forum recently asked Mayor Nenshi (and four other leaders from around the globe) about the best piece of advice they ever received. Here's Mayor Nenshi's response:

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See the good in others and give them a helping hand Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary, Canada

I grew up in a family without much money, but with a lot of opportunity. My parents always reminded me, though, that no matter how little we had, there were others with less, and it was our responsibility - and our joy - to help wherever we could.

And we were helped by others: I graduated from excellent public schools; I spent Saturday afternoons haunting the public library; I was helped by a community that had a stake in me and in my success. And in all of that I learned an important thing: that all people matter, that people are smart, that people are inherently good.

And that is the core of my political and personal philosophy: when given the right information, people will do the right thing for themselves, their family, and their community.

In a political world too often guided by spin, where many leaders appeal to fear and hate and indifference, I try to remember that lesson. I try to appeal to kindness and community, and to the desire of every one of us to do what’s right - for ourselves and for others. ​

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