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Next week, leaders from around the globe will come together in Davos, Switzerland. And from there, they will get a closer look at Calgary.

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is an opportunity for leaders from government, industry, and non-profit organizations to share experiences and exchange ideas that will improve the state of the world. This year, I was invited to attend as part of the community of Young Global Leaders, and it is an honour to share some of the creative and imaginative work that is being done in our city.

As one of only three mayors (London, Mexico City, and Calgary) attending the Annual Meeting, I will be participating in a number of cross-sector events including moderating and participating on panels on the current and future status of government, cities, and the energy industry.

Other participants include politicians (from the Prime Minister of Great Britain to the Premiers of Alberta* and Quebec) business leaders (CEOs of major corporations), and other leaders from around the globe (including Bill Gates and Kofi Annan). It will be amazing to showcase Calgary to this group.

My goal at this conference is to share some of the innovative initiatives that have been developed in our city and to learn about creative solutions that are being implemented by other organizations that could also be applied here in Calgary.

Over the next week, I'll try to be active on Twitter with updates from Davos. The time change might make instant communications an interesting challenge, but I am known to stay up late...

- Mayor Naheed K. Nenshi

*Edit: although invited, Premier Alison Redford decided not to attend.​

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