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Calgary's making international news with a recent article in The New York Times. Headlined "From Canada: Lessons on Revolution", the story gives an outsider perspective of Calgary and its political climate through a conversation with Mayor Nenshi. It's written by New York-based (but Alberta-born) Chrystia Freeland who is global editor at large at Reuters.

You can read the article here. I wanted to share it today because, well, it's not all that often Calgary's held up as an example in The New York Times. (And, since my job here at the Mayor's Office is to communicate, I might as well do just that.) Here are some of my favourite quotes from story:

"Calgarians were really interested in having a conversation about the future of their city," the mayor told me...
Mr. Nenshi found in Calgary was a passionate desire to be involved in the real, physical life of the city - and one which could be most effectively tapped by using cybertools. What Mr. Nenshi did, he told me - and remember the guy is a former business school professor - was to adapt the classic marketing and political adage that you have to "go to people where they live" to the Internet age...
"I am very happy to let the Four Seasons tribe do their work on global prosperity," Mr. Nenshi said. "I’ll do my work on local prosperity."

Mayor Nenshi met with Ms. Freeland on the morning of Friday, March 25 between events at the Inter-American Development Bank annual meeting hosted in Calgary.

UPDATE: The print version of this article appeared in the International Herald Tribune (on Page 2, pictured here) and across Canada in the Globe and Mail.

- Daorcey from Mayor Nenshi's team


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