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The results are in!
Last month, my Council colleagues and I launched YYC Matters - a campaign asking the political parties running in the upcoming election what their plans for Calgary are. We sent a questionnaire asking a series of questions related to honouring commitments, promoting economic recovery, supporting Calgarians through the recovery, and closing Calgary’s infrastructure gap. We received responses from the Alberta Party, the Liberal Party, the NDP, the UCP, and a short statement from the Green Party.
So, what did we hear? Let’s start with the good. Across the parties we saw commitments on really important projects like the Green Line and the Springbank Reservoir.
On the not so good, the level of understanding about municipal issues that could have a big impact on Calgarians seems to be lacking. For example, the province receives most of the revenue associated with the sale of cannabis, but the City bears most of the enforcement costs. There were no strong commitments to share in those costs.
Ultimately, we haven’t seen a comprehensive Calgary strategy from any of the parties. We really need a deep understanding of the issues we’re facing and we need localized solutions. We need strong plans for our economy, not just platitudes and slogans.
In the days before the election, I urge all Calgarians to visit to get informed on the key issues that will impact our city in the years to come. Read the parties' responses and discuss, debate and question the candidates who come to your door. Discuss these issues with your friends, family and colleagues, whether its online or in person. Most importantly, educate and inform yourself on these issues before marking your ballot on election day.
Remember when you go to the polls on April 16 that, no matter your political stripe, we’re all Calgarian. I encourage you to vote with our city in mind.
You can see the Mayor's full analysis here. 

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