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June 20th marks the sixth anniversary of the flood. I know this day, and the spring season in general, remind many of us of the events of 2013. During the local State of Emergency, our city and all Calgarians were faced with a huge challenge and many of us faced significant loss.

But we responded in the most Calgarian way possible.

As residents returned home to see what was left, they didn't do so alone. Their neighbours - both friends and strangers - came back alongside them, rubber boots on and shovels in hand, to lend what they could to help out.

We came together then, completely ignoring the small differences we have, instead recognizing what we all have in common. Our strength came from our community, and that's still true today.

Much has been done within Calgary’s boundaries to reduce the risk of flooding, but there is still more that needs to be done upstream on both the Bow and Elbow Rivers. As Calgarians, we must continue to advocate for the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir for the Elbow River and for a solution on the Bow River.

With rain in the forecast, Alberta Environment and Parks has issued a High Stream Flow Advisory for the Elbow and Bow Rivers. While overland flooding is not expected, please stay off the rivers and stay safe around the water.…/​


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