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Today, the federal government approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. This is an important moment in our story as a city, as a province & as a country.

TMX is a nation-building project and will help open up worldwide markets for Calgary-based companies. By providing multiple markets for Canadian oil, we will no longer be held captive by a market that is increasingly providing for their own needs.

As the Prime Minister correctly pointed out, market access continues to be a concern. For that reason, the two bills currently under consideration, C-69 & C-48, need to be reconsidered. We need legislation that takes the environment & Indigenous concerns into account without sacrificing the future of the energy industry. My advocacy on this issue will continue until we reach an outcome that does not discriminate against Calgary & Alberta’s largest industry.

It is my hope that any opponents to this project will be able to accept the decision of the federal government and allow this project to proceed without delay. It is vital for the health of our national economy for investors to have certainty around the construction of major infrastructure projects, and our justice system is meant to protect rights, not to prevent progress.

Our city is now and will continue to be a home for energy in all its forms. As the profits from TMX will be invested into clean energy, this will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovation and our future.

Now, let’s get shovels in the ground.​

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