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Back  |  May 30, 2019  | 

This week, nine of my City Council colleagues and I are in Quebec City to take part in the annual Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference to ensure Calgary’s voice is at the table. I’m also attending the Big City Mayors’ Caucus meetings with my counterparts from all of Canada’s major cities discussing issues such as housing and disaster mitigation, and developing strategies for advocating to the federal government to support municipalities as they meet the immediate needs of their citizens. Over the years this advocacy work at FCM has garnered significant multi-partisan federal support that continues to help Calgary serve our citizens through major infrastructure programs like the $40 billion National Housing Strategy, and the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

It’s important that Calgary is represented. We need to be on the national stage advocating for Calgary – advocating that the federal government honour commitments to Calgarians, support Calgarians through the economic recovery, and promote economic recovery in Calgary. Calgary Matters in this upcoming federal election, and our presence at FCM is part of that strategy.

This year there is an even more important reason why we need to have a presence at this gathering of municipal politicians from across the country. Last December, City Council passed a Notice of Motion that dealt with Standing up for Canada’s Responsible Energy Industry. It directed Council to develop an advocacy strategy that included working with partner organizations and educating as many Canadians as we could on the benefits of Canadian energy. I'll be having conversations with people from coast to coast, including the Big City Mayors, on how we can move forward together toward a future that is both environmentally and economically-sustainable.

Most importantly, I'm here to share Calgary's story and to advocate for our interests. #yycmatters​


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