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Back  |  May 15, 2019  | 

This is an exciting week for our community action plan on mental health and addiction.

As part of our work to better support people who are suffering from mental illness and addiction, we are being visited by experts from the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

As Mayor of Calgary, I have been selected as one of 40 mayors from around the world to take part in a year-long global leadership and management training program. It costs us nothing. And what are we getting in return? Access to some amazing brains and talented leaders hosted by Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The issues cities around the world are facing are complex. We are specifically focusing on our work to create our first community-wide action plan that makes mental health and addiction resources easier to access and connects our agencies better. This all ties into our priority to create stronger and safer communities, and collaborating as we continue trying to build a better City Hall.

I sat down to talk more about what we’re doing with Bloomberg Philanthropies for their podcast called Follow the Data. Give it a listen!​​

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