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Back  |  May 09, 2019  | 

It’s Mental Health Week and right now, it feels more meaningful than ever to spread the word.

We are working on our first-ever community-wide strategy on mental health and addiction. This is a big deal. And it’s a personal passion of mine.

So many people are doing so much good work in our city on issues of mental health, addiction, social disorder and crime prevention. But what we’ve lacked up until now is a community strategy: a systems-based approach where everyone comes together and determines the best interventions, the best ways to help people to encourage safety for every single member of our community. And that’s what we’ve started here in Calgary.

Today in particular is Children’s Mental Health Day. We are so proud to support Wood’s Homes as one of our recipients of funding from our mental health and addiction strategy. Youth programs provided by Wood’s Homes are so crucial: they are focusing on prevention and improving quality of life for young people. That means everything!

We have so many Calgarians struggling in silence and isolation with issues of mental health and wellness. The work we’re doing includes a broad community conversation with experts, stakeholders, and people with lived experience. We’re going to get this right.

Cities across the world are facing issues of urban mental health every day. It’s time for us to understand that mental health is health. One in five of us will suffer from mental health problems on our own.

If you feel alone, know you’re not alone. Pick up the phone and call 211. We’ll find you the resources you need. Talk to your family doctor, call your family and understand we live in a community that has your back.

Keep watching for more updates on the mental health and addiction strategy. My thanks to everyone who is working to help us make Calgary a better place!​


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