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Today, The City of Calgary shared its draft 2018 budget adjustments with Council and Calgarians. Click here to read through the proposal yourself.

Unlike other orders of government, the draft budget adjustments are created by City administration under the early direction from City Council. After the draft is presented, City Council discusses and debates the full budget in public before making any decisions to move forward. Of course, the public is also encouraged to participate by making presentations to City Council during the week of November 27th.

"I’m pleased with this draft budget," said Mayor Nenshi. "We’ve closed the budget gap while minimizing cuts in service and tax increases for Calgarians. We’re reducing landfill tipping fees and holding the line on taxes while continuing to build infrastructure and supply the services Calgarians need. I’m also hopeful Council will fund the ask from the police and adopt my proposal to rebate increases in non-residential property taxes."​

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