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On Friday, April 6, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Finance Minister Joe Ceci announced the completion of the first phase of the City Charter.

This means more flexibility and autonomy for Alberta’s two largest cities to make decisions to better serve citizens.

As one example, Calgarians have long told City Council that pedestrian safety and speed limits on residential streets are a concern. Now, Council has the ability to work with Calgarians to find solutions and implement them (something that couldn't be done under older provincial regulation). That’s just one example of the many regulatory changes announced today. You can find further information here.

This is the first phase of the City Charters. The cities of Calgary and Edmonton will continue to work with the provincial government on a revenue sharing agreement and a long-term transit strategy for the cities.

Revenue sharing means that when the province is doing well, Calgary shares in that. Likewise, in hard times, we also share in the pain. It’s about having more stable and predictable funding so we can plan better for the future... and build the things Calgarians need.

Ultimately, the City Charter is about recognizing about half of our province’s population lives in Calgary and Edmonton and our cities have unique needs. We need to work collaboratively with the provincial government and bring decision-making home to Calgary. As Calgarians, we need the power to chart our own future.​

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