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In early September, Mayor Nenshi went to New York City for an intensive economic development tour that included meeting with investors, site selectors, and companies from many different industries. Part of that tour also included meeting with American business media to share the Calgary story and remind the world that Calgary is very much open for business.

One of those interviews with with Bloomberg TV. In the interview, Mayor Nenshi sheds light on Canada's strong commercial relationship with the U.S. as well as his confidence in future NAFTA negotiations. The mayor highlights Calgary as a "terrific place for global companies that want to grow globally," even calling out that Calgary was recently ranked by The Economist as the Fourth Best City to Live in the World. What's more, Mayor Nenshi spotlights Calgary's efforts to diversify beyond the energy sector and emphasizes global talent attraction as well as tech and innovation, especially in the finance sector and agribusiness. He calls out several unique statistics about Calgary, including that the city is one of the top 25 finance hubs in the world, and it also accounts for more Oscars than any other jurisdiction outside of the U.S.​

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