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Mayor Nenshi speaks with journalists about Calgary 2026's draft hosting plan for a Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games bid and the future plebiscite for Calgarians.

Here are some quotes from his Q&A with media.

"I'm excited that we've taken the wraps off of Calgary 2026's plan... there is a ton of thoughtful and pragmatic work that has been done."

"Let's use M$500 for argument sake - that means that the City would be putting in M$200, and in return we'd be getting several billion dollars of capital infrastructure - that's a pretty good deal... It's a huge leveraging exercise... to renovate legacy facilities, if Calgary still wants to be a winter games powerhouse as we've been for so long, will require $500 million. You add to that a need for a fieldhouse (that's $300 million), which we have to do, that's been on our capital list for a long time, that's M$800 that kind of has to be spent anyway. But if we can get that money from other places, and also get all the benefits of an Olympic games, that sounds really interesting to me."

"We are ready to go to a plebiscite, and the province has promised that they will come forward with those provincial numbers in plenty of time for the vote... More conversation about this topic than anything has been going on for 24 months. I don't' think the public would say are not engaged in this discussion.The single best thing you can do for engagement: let people vote."

"The City of Calgary is unbelievably good in the last nine years at bringing projects in on time and on budget - we're among the best in the world at it. I'm very confident that those expense numbers are as high as they'll ever be... This is a very Canadian approach -- It's frugal, cost effective, and it's still going to be extraordinary."​

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