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Moving Calgary Forward

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Making Life Better EverydayMoving Calgary Forward

​Our purpose, drive and passion, has made Calgary a great city. We strive to ensure every Calgarian has access to great opportunities, prosperity and our unbeatable quality of life. Moving forward, adapting to change and seizing every opportunity to improve is what we do. We make imagination real; it’s the Calgary way.​​

A Better Economy

Our best economy is one resilient to ever-present changes, while providing continual opportunities for citizens. We will diversify and build upon Calgary’s strong economy to ensure a prosperous, sustainable future for all Calgarians.

Stronger Communities

A city is its people--Calgarians are the heart of Calgary. We will create and support a vibrant community oriented culture in all parts of our city. In helping improve connections between neighbours, we’ll strengthen community hubs and build partnerships to support vulnerable families.

Even Smarter City Hall

Our modern and efficient government will be better—for you, every day. We will speak in a collective, accountable and clear voice to ensure Calgarians can understand the services we deliver and the value they give. Inclusion of all Calgarians, from all backgrounds, walks of life and beliefs is paramount. Calgary must be a city that works for all Calgarians and every citizen.

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