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Secondary suites reform!



Late yesterday, your City Council had the courage to stand up for the right of all citizens to have a safe and decent place to live.

This is a big deal. (Check out my post-decision media Q&A above)

Prior to last night, Calgary was the only major city in Canada that continued a process of forcing people to come to City Council meetings to ask for the right to do something with their own property--to put a stove in their basement. Today, we've created a system is much more dignified, fair, and consistent.

I continue to be focused on building a better economy, stronger communities, and an even smarter city hall. By changing the way we do secondary suites throughout Calgary, we are taking a big step forward in all three of these areas.

Better economy: we're making it easier for Calgary homeowners to create a safe and legal secondary suite as a way to pay for a mortgage, achieve home ownership, or create an important source of income.

Stronger community: We're adding housing stock at different price points throughout the city and increasing affordable housing options.

Even smarter city hall: With this decision, we've cut red tape and created a much more efficient and dignified process for Calgarians.

Making this change has been a passion of mine since before I was elected as mayor. I'm proud that this council was able to make this important decision.

Also, credit to my friend Sam Hester for this great illustration.

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