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Three more things to deal with COVID-19

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Calgary, I’ve been saying three things so far when it comes to our COVID-19 response.

Clean hands, clear heads, open hearts.

With the situation evolving, I’ve got three more.

Stay home, be kind, save lives.

We have seen a big spike in Calgary, with 70 confirmed cases. It’s important that we all take this extremely seriously.

Each of us carries personal responsibility to do our part to keep this city safe.

So even as we keep our physical distance, we have to socially embrace our friends, families, and neighbours, and communities.

We’re losing St. Patrick’s Day this year. That’s tough, but it’s for our collective good.

Don’t worry. When we get through this, we’re going to have a great party.

This is our one chance to get ahead of this thing. We must flatten the curve.

Our healthcare system is within capacity; we must keep it that way.

So let’s remember that this is a moment of social cohesion. A moment to show that when we come together, we can overcome a global threat.

And that is an encouraging thought.

So whether it’s a digital watch party, an online concert, a FaceTime to your grandma, or the Shamrock Hunt (cut one out and put in your window!) - do something for your community.

I know they’ll do something for you.

Clean hands, clear heads, open hearts.

Stay home, be kind, save lives.

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