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Office of the Mayor

A Better Economy


​​​​​Our best economy is one resilient to ever-present changes, while providing continual opportunities for citizens. We will diversify and build upon Calgary’s strong economy to ensure a prosperous, sustainable future for all Calgarians.


Green Line LRT

The Green Line LRT​--the largest single public works project in our history--will transform Calgary by while creating jobs and keeping all our citizens get where they need to go efficiently and safely. Under Mayor Nenshi's leadership, the Green Line was first identified as a priority in the Route Ahead long term strategy for Calgary Transit and then funded by all orders of government. When Stage 1 opens in 2026, it will serve over 60,000 people per day with 14 new stations over 20km of track.

A Business Friendly City

Calgary's economy is changing and The City of Calgary is adapting to help business thrive in our community. Mayor Nenshi is a champion of many City programs to simplify how Calgarians do business at The City and facilitate their entrepreurial success. From personalized service to single-window online support, we're making Calgary the most business friendly city in Canada.  

Transforming Planning

This strategic initiative is the design and delivery of a new, high-performance planning system, created in partnership with citizens, industry, community and City staff. The goal is to deliver a high standard of civic transparency, accountability, innovation, engagement, customer service and sustainability on a scale not seen by many municipalities.


Public transportation

Over the past eight years, Calgary Transit has developed a long-term strategic plan, implemented several new routes, constructed four bus rapid transit lines, and improved the customer-service experience. Substantial work has also been completed on the Green Line, a new LRT line and the most expensive infrastructure project in Calgary's history. Mayor Nenshi's leadership and his understanding of the transit system has resulted in better service for citizens.



A road network that works well is key to a well-functioning city. Mayor Nenshi has encouraged innovation in how we build interchanges, and brought in policies that deal with issues important to Calgarians, such as better snow removal. He understands the importance of these initiatives to the daily lives of citizens.


Attracting new businesses and jobs

Calgary's economy has experienced significant volatility over the past few years, but with thoughtful and deliberate action it is improving. Mayor Nenshi has worked hard to attract new businesses and jobs to Calgary, while advocating for adequate supports for existing businesses.




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