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Office of the Mayor

Stronger Communities

​​​​​A city is its people—Calgarians are the heart of Calgary. We will create and support a vibrant community oriented culture in all parts of our city. In helping improve connections between neighbours, we’ll strengthen community hubs and build partnerships to support vulnerable families.


New recreation facilities

A great city for all its citizens must have great public recreation facilities in every corner of our city. Early in his first term, Mayor Nenshi championed the funding and building to four new recreation facilities​ in underserved areas of Calgary. As of fall 2018, all four are open and serving Calgarians with exceptional and accessible spaces and programming.

Affordable housing

Every Calgarian should have a home. The new affordable housing strategy for Calgary has seen 2275 new affordable rental units built and made homeownership more attainable for over 800 Calgary families. New rules for secondary suites​ also make it easier to create safe and legal secondary suite housing in every part of the city. With Mayor Nenshi's leadership and support, our citizens are finding, getting and keeping a permanent residence they can call their own.

Crime and safety

Safety of Calgarians is the priority of the municipal government and Mayor Nenshi. In working with The Calgary Police Service, 50 new officers have been hired. More focus on Community Policing has made neighbourhoods better. Extra Calgary Transit Officers make commuting a better experience. And more support for community, neighbourhood, social and at-risk programs help prevent crime before it happens. Safe communities make our city better, every day.


Pedestrians and cycling

More people are choosing to regularly travel around our city in ways that don't involve automobiles. It is important that we have infrastructure to ensure a safe journey. Mayor Nenshi has ushered in changes that have made things exponentially safer for pedestrians and cyclists in Calgary.


Community building

The strength of our community lies in the strength of every one of us. Mayor Nenshi has led initiatives that have had a positive impact on the quality of life of citizens in all parts of Calgary.




Affordable housing

It is essential that every Calgarian has a safe place to call home. With Mayor Nenshi's leadership and support, both The City and community agencies are making substantial progress in meeting this challenge.


  • Passed new rules to make it easier to cre​ate safe and legal secondary suites throughout Calgary.
  • Updated and passed a new affordable housing strategy for Calgary, Foundations for Home, focused on building more City units, renewing existing City units, helping non-profit providers build more units, and advocating to align this strategy with other orders of government.
  • In executing The City's affordable housing strategy, the mayor and council recently approved the most significant sale of City-owned land to affordable housing providers in the City's history
  • Oversaw the construction of 2275 new affordable rental units by the City and non-profit housing providers in Calgary from 2011 to 2017. There are currently 345 affordable rental units under construction.
  • Made homeownership more attainable for over 800 Calgary families by acting on the board of directors for Attainable Homes, a City-owned non-profit organization working to help moderate-income Calgarians achieve homeownership.
  • Established the Housing Incentive Program with $7.4 million allocated under the Community Economic Resiliency Fund to offset development fees, helping non-profit housing providers construct more affordable housing.

Crime and safety

The safety of Calgarians is of utmost importance to Mayor Nenshi, and he will continue to work with the Calgary Police Service to ensure that The City is doing whatever it can to assist them.


  • Launched a community-wide mental health, addiction, and crime prevention strategy
  • Increased the size of the police force over the last several years with 50 new officers hired last year and supported Calgary Police Service's continued use of Community Policing
  • Increased number of Calgary Transit Officers through funding in 2014-2018 Budget
  • Support the continued work of programs like the Multi-Agency School Support Team, Calgary Recreation's Drop-in After School Programs and Youth Justice Services' Youth at Risk Development program 
  • Supported the establishment of the ReDirect Program to fight youth radicalization
  • Supported the Chief of Police and the Police Commission in their work in ensuring CPS is an open and inclusive police service
  • Supported the roll out of naloxone to The City's first responders to address opioid overdose deaths
  • Took a proactive approach to ensure The City will be prepared for the legalization of recreational cannabis


Municipalities are large consumers of energy, but are also able to influence how citizens contribute to combating climate change. As The City implements its own climate resilience plan, we're making it easier for Calgarians to do their part. Mayor Nenshi understands the importance of working with, not against, the energy industry to make this happen.


  • Implemented the Green Cart Program and built the large indoor/outdoor organics composting facility at the Shepard Landfill site. Sixty per cent of our household waste is food and yard waste and composting our organic waste will greatly extend the life of our landfills, minimize the environmental impact our food and yard waste has on our environment, help us reach The City's goal of sending 70-80 per cent less waste to our landfills by 2025 and produce valuable compost
  • Council approved $35 million to repair and restore the City's tree canopy in response to the damage caused from the September 2016 snow event
  • Supported The City's ten-year Corporate Energy Plan to reduce green house gas emissions, reduce energy usage by the City and improve environmental performance. Specific actions under the plan include: the Green Fleet project, the Electric Vehicle Strategy to support the deployment of lower emissions vehicles throughout Calgary, the Sustainable Building Policy which ensures City-funded buildings must meet or exceed LEED Gold standards, and the retrofit of LED lighting for 80,000 street lights to reduce energy use.
  • Supported and approved The City's Climate Resilience Strategy and the Mitigation and Adaptation Plans
  • Construction of the Bonnybrook Plant Cell D expansion, a $714 million wastewater treatment plant expansion to accommodate the City's future growth

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