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The Stadium Shopping Centre Area Redevelopment Plan was approved by City Council on July 29, 2013.

Area redevelopment plans (ARPs) direct the redevelopment, preservation or rehabilitation of previously developed land in established communities by outlining the big picture of what type of development is allowed in area and what improvements to existing infrastructure are needed to accommodate any change. Area redevelopment plans must be consistent with the Municipal Development Plan.

Western Securities - January 21, 2016  Slide Presentation to University Heights Community Association (UHCA)

Now that the area redevelopment plan has been approved, the property owner will have to produce a detailed master plan for the site that will show exactly what they would like to build. Once a master plan has been created, they can apply for development permits from The City. As part of the development permit process, The City will conduct technical reviews of the proposed development. The developers for Western Securities have now submitted the development permit application for the redevelopment. The City of Calgary will take between three to six months to process the formal application.

The UHCA raised specific transportation and traffic concerns as the proposed development moves forward. The City has listed 14 conditions of traffic that must be satisfied before the build-out can occur. The City has the funds to complete the necessary infrastructure and will meet the 14 conditions before Western Securities begins construction.

In the meantime, the property owner has decided they would like to incorporate a public open space (green space currently located along 16 Avenue NW) into the core of the site. Moving this green space into the core of a new development would still leave 10 metres of grass and the sidewalk between 16th Avenue and the development. This possibility was discussed when the area redevelopment plan was created but provisions were not included in the plan at that time because the details of how this would occur had not been negotiated between the landowner and The City. This means that an area redevelopment plan amendment and land use amendment (rezoning) are now required. The amendments propose that the size of open space would stay the same and the maximum allowable floor area ratio (density) would also stay the same as already approved in the area redevelopment plan. Details of this application are outlined in the circulation ​letter.

For more information on what is happening next, please visit the property owner’s website, Western Securities.

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