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​Indicative Tax Rates – Budget Series #2

Indicative tax rates are an estimate of potential tax rates. Council is required to complete a 4-year budget for 2019-2021. It’s extremely difficult under our current economic and political environment to forecast too much in the future. For example, funding from other orders of government is not clear and can influence various projects and timelines.

Council reviews the budget, current revenue, expenses, etc. and at the 6-month marker, make adjustments accordingly. We will have to make some tough choices during budget week on many different service lines and projects short term and long term. These decisions could change depending on economic outcomes.

It's clear from the chart (see image below) that in the past five years, actual tax rates were lower than the indicative tax rates.


My next budget topic will be employee salaries and budget impacts. Stay tuned.

For details on the budget, visit:…/Pla…/Plans-and-Budget-2019-2022.aspx

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