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Councillors' wages and leading by example.

The wages and benefits of City of Calgary employees account for 48% of the total budget. Obviously, this has a significant impact on the amount that property tax may or may not increase. The City of Calgary does not have the legislative authority to freeze wages.

How does it work? The City negotiates with the unions. This can be a very complex process regarding the binding agreements. Council gives direction to the HR department on the actual numbers that Council has decided is acceptable. It is then HR’s responsibility to report back to council on the potential results. Three of the major union contracts were due January 01, 2018. At this current time, there has been no signed wage agreement.

I have already submitted a Notice of Motion (NOM) for Council to voluntarily accept no salary increase for 2019.  This will be voted on the December 17th, 2018 Council meeting.  I would like to thank Council for the discussion before this was submitted. I am confident that Council will pass my NOM. We need to be leaders and demonstrate our expectations for the rest of the City.

For your review is a chart with the actual wage settlements since 2014.

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