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​Closed-Door Meeting Report Coming to Council

On December 4th at the Priorities and Finance Committee, a Closed-Door Meeting Report will be presented. This report stemmed from Councillor Peter Demong's Notice of Motion (NOM) submission from April 2018. I am pleased Council will have closure on this issue shortly.

The report contains the best practices across the country. I am in total agreement with the recommendations because it will reduce the amount of time council spends in closed camera session and provided a better description of the matters we discuss. For example, I’m the chair of the Utilities and Corporate Services Committee. I find that we spend most of our time in closed camera dealing with land transactions. Many of these would be better addressed at the committee level rather than at Council.

City of Calgary Current State

From May 01 2017 to May 31 2018, a total of 306 items were discussed in closed-door meetings in Council and Council Committee meetings. Of these items, 189 were discussed in Council meetings, and 117 were discussed at Council Committee meetings. Some of the same items were discussed at both Committee and at Council.

Below is the breakdown:

• 99 Land Transactions (32%)
• 36 Personnel Matters (12%)
• 36 Member Appointments to Boards, Committees, and Commissions (12%)
• 29 Intergovernmental (9%)
• 29 Audits (9%)
• 25 Facilities, Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Project, and Cannabis (8%)
• 20 Industry updates on Gas Power and Telecommunications (7%)
• 18 Legal/Legal Briefing (6%)

Of the 306 items, 55 of those were identified as verbal reports or verbal updates. The purpose of the closed meetings was consistent with recent changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The MGA is the legislative framework in which all municipalities and municipal entities across the Province of Alberta operate.

In the Regular Meetings of Council, the time spent in closed meetings was approximately 17 hours and 41 minutes over 8 meetings. The total time spent in these 8 meetings was approximately 102 hours and 26 minutes. Of all the meetings tallied, 14% of the time was spent in closed meetings.

The breakdown of all meetings, items discussed and time spent in closed meetings is included in the attached image – City of Calgary Current State.


To view Councillor Demong's NOM - click on

Ensuring Efficieny, Transparency and the Appropriate Use of Closed Meetings for Council Business.

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