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Bowness Community Flood Protection Planning

In 2017, Council approved the Flood Mitigation Measures Assessment. It supported small scale flood barriers to work with the existing TransAlta Ghost Operations Agreement and a new reservoir that the City considers essential on the Bow River upstream of Calgary. The City is still in the early planning stages for proposed flood barriers in Bowness and other communities. As they move forward, The City will seek input from property owners and the community on how to integrate the proposed barriers into their community. Their goal is to work with the community in general but especially river front property owners to create a solution that is both technically sound and respectful of their concerns.

The first step in their plan for engaging with residents is the sharing of more information outlining the overall flood mitigation strategy for Calgary. It includes an overview of the proposed plan for Bowness. This was delivered to all Bowness residences by mail in December 2017. It included an invitation to a community information session held in partnership with the Bowness Community Association in mid-January, 2018. This initial information session will include a presentation by The City, and a number of displays. City staff will be on hand to speak with Bowness citizens at this event. The meeting will address the content of the overall flood mitigation plan that City Council endorsed in spring of 2017 and identify the reasons for each of the parts of the plan. Additional engagement with the Bowness community as part of more detailed design phase will be taking place in 2018 through to the first quarter of 2019. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 through to 2024.

Since the design for the local barriers is in an early stage, The City is not yet in position to address detailed concerns about detailed layout or planning for individual properties, but as design progresses the City will meet with all property owners along the barrier alignment. This will give property owners the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the design and land ownership/access arrangements, as well as share information and concerns about their property. This work is essential to the barrier’s design, and will be done as part of the detailed design phase.

The barrier is to provide flood protection only. The City recognizes that privacy is of concern to property owners along the river, and has no plans to include features for public access or pathways along the barrier or riverbank.​

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