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Roads Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) operations update for February 20, 2018:

P1 routes and cycle tracks are completed. P2 routes will be completed today and we will continue to work on our steps, walks and pedestrian overpasses. Currently, there are 28 dedicated staff and 13 pieces of small equipment working on pedestrian facilities and there are 31 sanders and 8 graders working on roadways. We are on Day 3, hour 3 of the 7 Day Snow Plan. 

Our priority system consists of Priority 1 - 4. The current status is:

  • P1 - 100% complete
  • P2 - 96% complete
  • Cycle Track - 100% complete
  • Bike Lanes - 84% complete
  • P3 and P4 – 6% complete
  • Steps and Walks – 40% complete

Click here to see completed routes and current progress.

The cost so far to respond to Snow Event #21 was $1.4M.

The 7-day forecast is calling for chances of flurries today and mainly sunny conditions during the week.

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