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As per the Government of Alberta, the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) is going ahead, as was originally planned, but the West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR) isn’t expected to begin construction until 2020-2021.

The West segment of the Calgary Ring Road (CRR) will run South along the West side of the city from Highway 1 (16 Avenue NW) to West of 69 Street SW on Glenmore Trail/Highway 8. The West Calgary Ring Road (W-CRR) is approximately 9 kilometres long. It will be located primarily on the existing Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) already owned by the provincial government, with some additional small parcels of land being purchased. An additional 5 kilometres of connector road upgrades will be included in the overall CRR project.

This is a Provincial project and not under the City’s direct control, and there have been meetings with Alberta Infrastructure to stress how critical the completion of this leg is to the ongoing construction and development of various projects within the adjacent wards, and the City, and how the delay in completion would escalate the costs of upgrading Sarcee Trail and its connector roads to handle the increased traffic.

The Provincial position is that market research indicated that it would be more manageable to deliver the remaining section as two separate projects rather than as one. In their opinion, building the last leg of the ring road as two projects is expected to make the bidding process more competitive and allow contractors of all sizes to pursue the projects.

Here’s what this new direction means to the work The City has undertaken:

West Calgary Ring Road

Frequently Asked Questions - Calgary Ring Road

Southwest Calgary Ring Road

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