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West Calgary Ring Road

On July 5th, 2018, The Province held an announcement regarding funding for the West Calgary Ring Road.

The Calgary Ring Road is one step closer to completion, with the final leg of the project getting underway. The procurement process will begin this year, with construction starting in 2019 and completion targeted for 2022, one year following the anticipated 2021 opening of the South West Calgary Ring Road.

The completed ring road will connect people to places so they can move around the city faster, improving traffic flow across Calgary and the region. It will also improve connections and the movement of goods.

Other benefits include:

  • It completes a 100-plus km free flow highway that connects people with communities, work and major destinations.
  • It allows for better movement of goods to Calgary, Alberta and western Canada. 
  • It connects Calgary’s major roads.
  • It connects to the Provincial highway system that surrounds the city.

This segment of the ring road completes the full ring road, linking communities in Wards 1, such as Valley Ridge and Crestmont into the ring road network. This will provide additional travel choices for communities on the west side of the city.

Want to know what the West Calgary Ring Road will look like when it's open? Click here to watch an interesting video from the Province on what to expect. ​​

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