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Water Resources Projects in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak

The City of Calgary is partnering with the University of Alberta to study stormwater runoff, sediment and nutrient loading in four storm ponds in various Calgary communities. Storm ponds capture and retain stormwater, allowing it to slow down water and settle out sediment and other pollutants. This helps return cleaner water to rivers and streams. The purpose of this study is to help understand how these stormwater ponds are performing in preventing sediment and other pollutants from entering Calgary’s rivers and streams.

In the spring of 2018, researchers started collecting water samples.

Residents in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak may see a project scientist wading into these pond or using small boats to take samples over the summer of 2018 and 2019.

The location of the ponds in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak are:

  • 100R Rocky Ridge LD NW
  • 10602 Rocky Ridge Rd NW

Keeping our waterways healthy is a priority for The City of Calgary. The results of this study will help inform The City’s Total Loading Management Plan, which aims to reduce pollution from entering the rivers.

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