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Damaged trees

The snowy and cold winter made it difficult for local wildlife to search for sources of food. In some communities, local jackrabbit populations have damaged trees by eating the bark off them through the winter months. For example, in Tuscany, 75 trees were damaged.

With the high snow levels this winter, hares were able to access higher parts of the trees, often on trees with protective wire. Many of the young trees that have been stripped of bark will not recover and will need to be removed. The City is redirecting tree planting funds to supplement planting in areas that have been severely affected by the hares.

Tree replacements

Calgary Parks intends to replace the impacted trees and are in the process of updating their Urban Forestry work plans. They will also monitor to see how many trees survive and then focus efforts on tree replacements. Calgary Parks will update our office on the progress and final tally of replacement trees. The goal is approximately 200 replacements this year with the remainder planted in 2019. Please be aware The City intends to remove a select number of trees this year and not replace them until next year.

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