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Roads Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) operations update for January 30, 2018:

This recent snow event was declared at 4:00 a.m. and ended at 6:00 a.m. Calgary had windy conditions resulting in some minor drifting. The City is working on P1s, bike lanes and will be focusing on finishing Day 1 priorities. Currently, there are 26 dedicated staff and 5 pieces of small equipment working on pedestrian facilities and there are 41 sanders working on roadways. The City has reset the Snow and Ice Control clock to Day 1, hour 7.

The City’s priority system consists of Priority 1 - 4. The current status is:

  • P1 - 80% complete
  • P2 - 50% complete
  • Cycle Track – 100% complete •Bike Lanes - 70% complete
  • P3 and P4 – 0% complete
  • Steps and Walks – 30% complete

Click to see completed routes and current progress on:

The cost to respond to snow event #14 was $786k including $40k in contractor costs.

Material usage during snow event #14: 2,300 tonnes of salt, 1,500 tonnes of pickle mix and 44,000 litres of calcium chloride.

Total 3-1-1 SR’s (Service Requests) since the beginning of snow event #14 was 144 SR’s.

The 7-day forecast is calling for more snow until next week.​

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