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Storm drain information for pending snow melt

Is snow and ice plugging your storm drain?

If it's safe and possible to do, The City recommends that you clear ice and snow that's blocking your storm drain to help water flow. If you are unable to clear the ice and snow yourself, please call 311 or fill out the online 311 request here.

Water - Storm Drain Concerns

Please note: Do not attempt to clean a catch basin if it's submerged in water, if the drain is full of debris or if the grate is damaged. Please call 311.

Pooled water on your street

In some areas, The City installs inlet control devices in the drain to control how fast water flows. They are designed to keep water on the road until the system can accept the extra water.

These devices prevent the storm system from being overwhelmed, causing water backups or flooding to houses, garages and businesses.

Pooled will drain once water volumes lower. If the water has not drained after two hours, please call 311.

More tips:

  • Ensure that catch basins that are close to your home are clear of snow and ice.
  • Roads crews work proactively to ensure these are clear as resources allow.
  • If you experience flooding, please contact 311 and Water Services crews will attend locations.
  • For ice on sidewalks, a free sand-salt mix for easier shoveling called pickle is available for individual use on sidewalks bordering private properties. Pickle helps breakdown snow and ice, making it easier for you to comply with the bylaw regulating snow and ice removal. This pickle mix is available at city-wide locations and can be found here:…/Sanding-material-pick-up-locations
  • Water Services is presently working with CEMA now on a communication campaign for the warmer temperatures.

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