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Snow Event Declaration - February 5th at 9:00 am

A snow route parking ban started at 9am this morning. For more information, please click here.

During this parking restriction, vehicles must be moved from all designated Snow Routes. Vehicles that remain parked on a snow route during the ban may be ticketed and towed. This message will be updated when the parking ban is lifted. Thank you for helping us to keep our roads safe this winter.

For more information visit or press the pound key to speak to a 311 Representative.

Snow & Ice Control Update for Feb 5, 2018

A snow event was declared on Feb. 2 and the 7 Day Snow Plan clock has been reset as more snow fell overnight. A total of 12.5cm of snow has fallen since Feb. 2. Crews are presently working on P1 routes, steps and walks, cycle tracks and pedestrian overpasses. Additional staff and contractors have been called in for this event. The City will continue to work based on their priority system, including pedestrian facilities. There are currently 20 dedicated staff and 8 pieces of small equipment working on pedestrian facilities and 43 sanders working on roadways.

The City is on Day 1 of the 7 Day Snow Plan

The priority system consists of Priority 1 - 4. The current status is:

  • P1 - 10% complete
  • P2 - 0% complete
  • Cycle Track – 0% complete
  • Bike Lanes - 0% complete
  • P3 and P4 – 0% complete
  • Steps and Walks – 0% complete

Click to see completed routes and current progress here.

The cost so far to respond to this snow event was $750,000.

Material usage during Snow Event #17: 672 tonnes of salt, 7,895 tonnes of pickle mix and 30,582 litres of calcium chloride.

Total 3-1-1 SR’s (Service Requests) since the beginning of Snow Event #17 was 327 SR’s.

The 7-day forecast is calling for chances of flurries on Wednesday and snow on Thursday this week.

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