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Latest update! Sarcee Trail Interchange is open and fully operational! To view the actual traffic patterns and to see how the lanes work, click here. For more information, visit


City Council approved the land use application for Medicine Hills (formerly Paskapoo Slopes) development by a vote of 12 to 3. Approving the development of this privately-owned land has facilitated some much-needed infrastructure (at no cost to the City) as well as the creation of jobs. This multi-phase development will generate over 342 full-time jobs and 50 part-time jobs on an on-going basis. The total investment may exceed $1.2 billion. The upper two-thirds of the slopes were returned to the City of Calgary and will be managed by the City of Calgary Parks Department. The park will have 11.5 kilometers of trails for Calgarians and visitors to permanently enjoy.


Trinity Hills Development is responsible for paying 100% of the Sarcee Tr. /16 Ave NW overpass development. Trinity Hills is also paying 50 % of the cost of the pedestrian bridge over 16th Avenue and 50 % of the cost of the Trail underpass which will join to Edworthy Park, both of which will be used by cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, there will be pedestrian and cyclist connectivity over the new Bowfort Interchange.

Council introduced and added 16 amendments to ensure the design of the development would be sensitive to the area’s history regarding the First Nations and Blackfoot cultures. The amendments addressed environment and wildlife concerns posed during the public hearing. The new plan represents a carefully balanced mix that addresses the importance of the Paskapoo Slopes. As well, the City of Calgary has critical safeguards within the agreement to facilitate development that is reflective of the sensitivity to the land.

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