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The City is continuing to streamline the cost of municipal government. The process to find $60 million in budget reductions directed by Council to provide immediate tax relief for 2019 is in progress. As part of that process, groups across The City were asked to provide across the board reduction packages using the guiding principles given by Council. All departments will be looked at, with no exceptions.

The City Manager and General Managers will review and discuss the submissions, during which time adjustments may be made. The finalized reduction package will be presented at the July 22 Combined Council Meeting. Final reductions are subject to Council review and approval. As part of this process some operational groups have proactively taken measures to mitigate reductions.  This is a collective and collaborative approach as we respond to Council’s motion for budget reductions together.

In addition, Council also provided guiding principles to operations to direct this work.

Motion Arising

The following principles for Administration should be considered for the $60M permanent operating reductions:he following principles for Administration should be considered for the $60M permanent operating reductions:

1. Least harm (to services) approach (to all direct and indirect Tax-supported areas).
2. Treat employees with dignity and respect.
3. Preserve frontline services, albeit reductions may create a lower level or elimination of service.
4. Permanent reductions whenever possible, and short term strategies to yield long term permanent savings.
5. Reductions must not result in future additional costs that exceed the reductions.
6. Consider the capital related implications of operating reductions.
7.  Analyze whether to proceed with new initiatives that have not started and reduce existing services.
8. Continue to prioritize long term operating plans.
9. Reduce the use of consultants and short-term contracts.
10. Outsource work where possible to reduce overhead and benefits.
11. Have subsidiaries and civic partners engage in the above in a similar manner.
12. Review reporting structures for additional savings and efficiencies.
13. Operationalize capital where possible. 

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