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Activation of the Municipal Emergency Plan
The COVID-19 pandemic is dynamic and rapidly evolving. The City of Calgary continues to work closely with Alberta Health Services to manage risk and stay up-to-date with the most current information. The safety of all Albertans is their top priority. It is also important The City maintain essential services for all Calgarians. The following information are the specific actions The City is taking.
Municipal Emergency Plan Activated
As of 1:45 p.m. today, The City has implemented the Municipal Emergency Plan. This activation will increase their ability to prioritize service delivery and dedicate resources to priority areas. It also provides the Calgary Emergency Management Agency with the ability to streamline decision making around corporate processes.
Telework/Working from Home
With permission from City of Calgary supervisors, employees who currently have the ability to work remotely are asked to do so. While the risk is still considered low, The City wants to make sure everyone continues to be well. With many of the staff working from home, The City can help keep those who do not have the ability to work from home safe. Physical separation and social distancing is important during viral events, and fewer workers in the facilities will allow The City to better protect all employees.
Amended Travel Ban
The City is implementing an amended ban on all work-related international travel. Domestic travel at this time is still permitted, however it will now need to be approved by the employee's General Manager. As the wellbeing of all our citizens is paramount, please familiarize yourself with the current travel advisories and consider plans for personal travel as well.
It’s important The City balance the seriousness of the measures taken with the risk of infection, which is still low. The City is taking action to intentionally overreact, setting an example for business leaders and other organizations to act with caution as their first priority. We should all continue to be good citizens and good neighbours and remember that there is no reason to panic.
The City will continue to update myCity with City-specific information. For specific information about COVID-19, visit the Government of Alberta’s website, Alberta Health Services website or the Frequently Asked Questions on the Government of Canada’s website.

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