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The Calgary Fire Department is building a new fire station at 345 Tuscany Way N.W., just west of the corner of Tuscany Way and Tuscany Valley Park. The design of the station has been confirmed and the construction of the two-storey building is well under way. The new building will be clad in brick on the south side, where the fire station will be housed. This traditional design was chosen to stay true to Calgary’s traditional red brick fire station look. The north side of the building will house a community room, which can be booked by residents for community programs or meetings. This part of the building will have many large glass windows to allow everyone a view of the green space and fields and ensure the space is bright and open.

This will be a multi-use building, with not only a meeting room for the community, but also a bay/facilities for AHS-EMS and 4-6 hotelling stations where City Staff can stop in and file reports on secure data lines. Just like all City of Calgary buildings, the new fire station will be built to LEED standards, to reduce environmental impact.

In order to limit the inconvenience to any neighbours, the fire station will enact its noise abatement program when the Tuscany Fire Station is operational. This means that fire department vehicle sirens are only activated when necessary and for a short period. As well, firefighters are able to pre-empt the traffic lights before they leave the station, which often prevents the need to turn on any sirens.

Fire is now meeting with the Tuscany Community Association to begin planning for an outdoor fitness area in combination with a pathway and natural area, in the green space. A community survey resulted in a close vote from Tuscany residents to develop the space into an outdoor fitness park. Plans for the outdoor fitness park also include a pathway and natural area and so we hope the majority of residents will find this a good use of the area that everyone will enjoy.

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