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The FrancoSud School Board was created in August 2013, following the merger of the Southern Alberta Catholic and Francophone School Board and the Southern Alberta School Board. There are more than 3,400 students attending fourteen francophone schools, four of which are Catholic and ten which are public.

Students learn in an environment where the first language of communication is French. In francophone schools, students "live" their francophonie, which is an integral part of the identity construction of the student.

Attending a francophone school allows students to identify with the French language and culture, in addition to learning English. Students complete their program of study in French while following the same first language curriculum of English Language Arts as every school in Alberta.

Developing francophone pride is one of the priorities at Conseil scolaire FrancoSud. French culture is valued not only as a way for students to express themselves, but also as a way to be part of a vibrant and dynamic community. Students are encouraged to be active members of the francophone community, as the Board works in partnership with several francophone community organizations.

Students have the chance to participate in large gatherings of Francophone students. This allows them to make new meaningful encounters. Students can also grow through sport and physical activity in French.

The Scenic Acres FrancoSud opens Fall 2017.

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