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In 2011, The City of Calgary received an Outline Plan/Land Use Amendment Application from Qualico communities. The developer proposed to redesignate (rezone) and subdivide lands referred to as Crestmont Stage 4, located immediately to the west of the built community of Crestmont, in northwest Calgary on the TransCanada highway. This section of land is part of the Calgary West Area Structure Plan.

The application allows the development of 35.74 hectares of undeveloped land into residential space. Within this space, there will be approximately 516 dwellings ranging from single-detached, semi-detached and townhouses. The developer anticipates the construction would take three years to complete. For full details of the proposed development, please refer to the application details.

The Outline Plan was approved by Calgary Planning Commission in August 2015. The Land Use Amendment Application was approved by Council in October 2015. ​

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