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Bowmont Park Naturalization

Calgary Parks is excited to bring forward a naturalization project - Bowmont Park Naturalization - to portions of the off-leash area parallel to Silverview Way NW. The goal of this naturalization project is to enhance native grassland habitat that supports wildlife in this important corridor. Activities will focus on reducing non-native weeds (such as thistle and smooth brome) and establishing plants native to this area. Naturalization in this location aligns with the Bowmont Park Management Plan and will improve the overall health of the park. This portion of the park will remain as an open grassland environment and off-leash area.


Weed control: July 2017 – September

2018 Planting and seeding: August – September 2017

Completion: October 2018

What is Naturalization?

The naturalization initiative is a city-wide program that will increase the diversity of landscapes within our parks and green spaces by reintroducing native species to open spaces. This practice will create sustainable landscapes that help support plant, animal and insect life (biodiversity); and also help control weeds and pests. Because naturalized areas are well-suited to Calgary’s climate, they will likely reduce long-term maintenance costs associated with mowing, fertilizing, applying pesticides and irrigating. As outlined in Calgary’s 10-year biodiversity strategic plan, we aim to restore 20% of Calgary’s open space by 2025. Naturalization is one of several actions being used by The City to achieve this target.

Please visit or contact 311 for more information.

More information about this project is enclosed here.

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