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16 Avenue & 29 Street NW Intersection Upgrade

Construction Update

The City has completed the underground aspects of the 16 Avenue and 29 St NW intersection upgrade. The next step is the road work portion of work. In an effort to expedite the construction timeline, the City is implementing a road construction strategy at the SW corner of 16 Avenue & 29 Street that will have the majority of the corner built within a week.

The City is in the process of working on a lane closure plan that would close the eastbound lane of 16 Avenue to the southbound turn lane (highlighted in blue on the attached map), and create a temporary lane over the existing island (which was to be removed and reconstructed for the final design). The official Roads detour plan is attached here.

The temporary right turn will divert traffic on 29 Street to 3 lanes on the east side of 29 Street. With the ability for Foothills Medical Centre to divert traffic in the p.m. to the interchange, Roads has proposed that there be two lanes going southbound (for a.m. traffic) and one lane going northbound. This work will start just after morning rush hour at 9am on Wednesday July 26th. The road would open back up to its full width by the end of the weekend on July 30th.

Please note on the attached map, you will notice a small triangular section marked by a red arrow on the right-hand side of the page called ‘25mm Gravel on Existing Asphalt with Design Asphalt Structure’. To complete this work, an additional lane will be required over the span of one evening such that traffic will run one lane in each direction. The work to construct this portion of road will likely take place on Friday night to avoid any traffic congestions.

In conjunction with the City’s on-going efforts to communicate detours and lane closures, they will also be setting up road signs to encourage people to utilize the interchange during this work.

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