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Vice Chair Priorities and Finance

There have been some inaccurate statements from the provincial government regarding the education tax. Please see the facts below:

There are two factors that affect the amount that Calgary property owners pay in provincial education property taxes – the increase in the total cost of education to be paid by property tax, and the change in property assessments.

  1. The total cost of education to be paid by property tax increased in 2016 from 2015. The Province of Alberta reported that for 2016/17 they will collect about $2.414 billion in education property taxes. This was reported as an increase of about $153 million (6.8%) over 2015/16.  In short, more property tax is required by the Province to fund education.
  2. The change in the equalized assessment base in Calgary, in relation to the change in the total provincial equalized assessment base, increased greater than the overall equalized assessment base for Alberta. In short, Calgary property owners “picked up” more of the overall education property tax requisition. It should be noted that the provincial calculated equalized assessments have a one-year lag when compared to municipalities’ assessments.

The interplay of these two factors affects the change in the provincial education tax rate for Calgary property owners. For residential property owners, the increase in the provincial education tax is 10.2%.

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