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The City is committed to making Calgary a safe, flood resilient community. The 2013 flood caused significant social and economic disruption and unprecedented damages. The road from recovery to resiliency is a complex, long term process over many years with short, medium and long term milestones.

Since the 2013 flood:

  • We’ve Recovered: We are building back stronger from the 2013 flood. 75% of the 217 flood recovery projects have been completed and many of them have flood resiliency improvements.
  • We’re Prepared: To make Calgary more resilient to future events, The City is implementing the 27 recommendations from the 2014 Expert Management Panel Report on River Flood Mitigation.
  • We’re Moving Forward: We recognize the significant scale of impact and the considerable investments needed for further flood mitigation. To ensure we have the best suite of mitigation measures and adequate funding The City is working with Calgarians, stakeholders and other orders of government.

The City is pleased to provide an update on how we are building resilience to flooding in Calgary.

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